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Engaging dashboards, ad hoc reports and interactive data exploration that drive user adoption — embed analytics in everything you do.

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Dashboards and reports are core to delivering information and analytics understanding across the enterprise.

Logi Info enables technology professionals to quickly create and deploy interactive dashboards, reports, and visual analytics for any number of users. With the Logi Info Self-Service Module, business users can also create and share their own visualizations, dashboards and reports, from managed data.

Unlike traditional business intelligence solutions, Logi Info can be up and running in days, not months. And unlike component libraries, Logi Info offers a full range of interactive capabilities that can quickly be customized to suit changing end-user requirements.

Information portals are ideal for displaying data from disparate systems in a single place where anyone can access the data and applications needed to do their work.

Portals created with Logi connect to any data source and any application in order to present and distribute information to any audience. Logi integrates with any security model to adopt the user rights and roles already established. Access is provided on any device in a scalable, secure, and personalized way.

Logi applications are available to all users regardless of device, avoiding the high cost of platform-specific development.

Because Logi produces industry-standard HTML5 output, our rich interactive applications are instantly accessible on Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows mobile devices. Logi optimizes the use of mobile device screens through a responsive user interface and provides the touch interactivity today’s users demand.

Logi Info applications can also be embedded within native mobile apps, offering the same functionality and interactivity as the browser-based content.

Legacy operational systems are often limited by their clunky interfaces, lack of extensibility, and inability to integrate with other applications.

Logi Info addresses these limitations by giving users a clean, intuitive way to access information from secure web interfaces and interact with one or more systems. In addition, data can be streamed in real time to provide up-to-the-second views of vital metrics.

With support for database write-back, integrated workflows, and process initiation, users can update source systems to maintain systems of record while staying within the context of the application.


Logi Info provides the intuitive and governed self-service capabilities businesses demand. Users can select data sources, create dashboards and reports, and share what they’ve created with colleagues. This eliminates ad hoc report requests, giving your technology team time to focus on managing the data and providing secure access.

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