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Tibco Spotfire delivers the fastest time to actionable insights. Its easy to use and interpretive visualizations enables users to quickly uncover answers to initial questions but also reveal unexpected trends, patterns, risks and opportunities hidden in the data which will help you make better-informed decisions faster than ever.

Users are able to explore data freely without reliance on IT. This allows questions to be answered as they arise. The result is a highly productive and agile organisation where employees can explore multiple representations of selected data without wading through endless macros.

The Tibco Spotfire software can be used to plot out complex and multiple variables against each other with a simple touch. It can present newly visible opportunities which could ultimately lead to in increased profitability. By simplifying this process of deep data exploration, users can detect patterns easily without having to reload data each time a new visualisation is desired. All filtering and sorting can quickly be reversed to original data.

Operational dashboards can be delivered to a broad spectrum of exploratory apps, tablets, desktops or interact with predictive applications running in a web browser, meaning that users at all levels can act on data-driven insights to make the best possible decisions in the fastest possible time.

Traditional business intelligence solutions may require more than one system and an additional statistical package. It may involve exporting data into spreadsheets and spending huge amounts of time struggling to create charts and graphs that you then email around. It can be a frustrating and unproductive process. With Spotfire, you can instantly visualise, interact with and manipulate data with ease.

The highly visual award winning design makes it incredibly easy to create operational dashboards and analytic applications. And its easy to publish them directly to tablets or desktop for everyone to view. This method projects a clear message to your employees and encourages explorations and collaboration by all.

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