Less than 5 years ago a survey concluded that “The majority of Insurance companies perform 80% of their activities the same way their competitors do

Heavy regulation and compliance in the industry makes it difficult to be different, and yet...

A recent survey found that “74% of Insurance Companies surveyed reported that the use of information (including Big Data) and analytics was creating a competitive advantage for their organisation

Yes, Insurance is changing and Big Data is a key enabler, but getting that advantage is proving elusive for many.

  • Retention and Growth
  • Fraud
  • Compliance
  • Resource optimisation
  • Reducing the time to market with new services or updated pricing
  • Pressure from new Insurance players using new business models driven by analytics
  • Diverse data sources spread across legacy systems
  • Incorporating and exploiting new data sources such as Social Media, Telematics, Geo-location, and more…..
  • Building a holistic view of the customer
  • Shortage of skilled analysts outside of the Actuarial and Risk teams
  • Time to insight is compromised by a dependence on centralised IT teams
  • Legacy tools that restrict the ability to collaborate quickly, within and across teams
  • Agile insight driven by a self-service model
  • A 360 degree view of the customer with Advanced Customer Segmentation
  • Improved client Retention along with identifying new business opportunities with those clients
  • Liability analysis and portfolio optimisation – yours and your clients.
  • Improved customer service, as perceived by the customer.
  • Claims triage and fraud analysis with advanced analytics
  • The rapid incorporation of new data sources
  • The marrying of Risk modelling and predictive analytics to deliver actionable insight at the business level

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